Risk Management Software

A digital application developed by ISS Online will use technology to simplify, automate and fast-track all aspects of ongoing OHS Risk Assessment, facilitating a more efficient process of Risk Identification, Evaluation and Quantification, then streamlining the implementation of Follow-up Actions and Controls.

Enjoy multi-platform accessibility

  • Assessors need simply download and install ISS Online’s OHS Assessment App on the smart device of their choice
  • The app interacts with cloud-based technologies to offer a multitude of automated and/or streamlined functionality

Get a wealth of risk-reducing expertise And recommendations for development

  • Safe Operating Procedure Libraries will define your Training & Development requirements
  • ISS subject matter experts also work behind the scenes to give advice and assist with recommendations on clients’ more complex risks

Reference a comprehensive library Of sector-specific risks

  • Through research and many years of experience in the assessment field, ISS has analysed all 21 sectors and sub-sectors of the economy to identify what risks they are exposed to
  • These insights have been used to populate a comprehensive library of sector-specific risks
  • ISS clients can access this library to see what risks other companies in similar sectors have experienced, and ultimately benefit from what they have done to reduce them

Categorise, prioritise & allocate Responsibilities

  • Persons given the responsibility for Follow-up Actions & Controls are sent a mail with an Action Plan and a Due Date
  • A report will also be generated and sent to a Manager/ Director/ CEO for them to measure the progress on the company’s overall risk

Capture and store visual reference to Your in-situ risks

  • Using a smart device, assessors can walk on-site and record specific risks simply by taking photos and importing them to the app
  • Pics are automatically re-sized to meet the optimal parameters for reference and storage

Maintain and access an ongoing database Detailing the full extent of your risk

  • The full risk assessments of clients are hosted on secure ISS servers
  • All data is conveniently available to permitted users, to reference and analyse at any time

Automate risk-quantifying calculations To determine ‘raw risk’ & ‘residual risk’

To determine ‘RAW RISK’ the app helps to calculate:

  • PROBABILITY rating of an incident
  • CONSEQUENCE rating of that incident
  • EXPOSURE rating of incident (how widespread)
Once measures that are already in-place to avoid the incident are recorded:
  • These are offset against the ‘raw risk’, to output a ‘RESIDUAL RISK’ rating

Output and input reports as required

  • If an incident happens, the app provides all the relevant inspection forms to be completed, signed and emailed to labour department
  • Larger clients sometimes have in excess of a thousand risks, so a list with all the detail, properly numbered and referenced, is an invaluable document that can be output in PDF format

Track your ongoing reduction of risk

  • A risk assessment is never complete, so the app will have the functionality to edit and track risks over time
  • Reports of the risk being reduced e.g. by implementing a new safe operating procedure are also reflected (Old risk was X, new risk is Y)